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How We Capture

 Your Wedding Day


Hair & Makeup

The first part of the day, we arrive towards the end of the girls getting their hair and makeup done.  We capture the last little bit of the process and some details of the morning before the ceremony.  Nerves, excitement, mimosas, hairspray, and laughter are a great start to the day for the girls and we make sure you remember those moments.

The Details

Next, we capture all of the little details that make your wedding unique.  From the rings to the dress, the something borrowed and something blue, the sentimental and the decoration, we capture it all.  Nothing makes a wedding more unique than the way you pick out your details.  

The Getting Ready Process

Dress, shoes, earrings, bracelet, necklace, suits, ties, cuff links, socks and so much more.  What you wear to your wedding probably took you a long time to decide on and we know how big of a deal it is the first time you're putting it on for the real thing. 

The First Look

Some people choose to do a first look instead of seeing each other during the ceremony for the first time.  We love when couples choose to do this as they get a much more relaxed day since we can get so much stuff done before the ceremony.  The moment they see each other can be a lot more intimate and they get to spend a lot more of their big day together.  

The Ceremony

A lot of emotion usually comes out during the ceremony.  From the bride walking down the aisle to the vows being said, every part of this is full of emotion.  We're there to capture it from every angle.


Everyone dressed up in their formal attire and you've got all of the family together.  Perfect time to get family photos.  We try to do all of the immediate family & grandparents right after the ceremony.  The extended family we usually get at the reception since the time between the ceremony and reception is often VERY busy.

Bridal Party & Bride and Groom Portraits

This is our favorite part.  This is the time Kelley and I get to be creative and manipulate the lighting to give you unique and beautiful photos.  These are often times the photos photographers will display showcasing their work and this is where your big blown up prints for wall art usually come from.  

The Reception Events

Your entrance, spotlight dances, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, speeches, and any other special events are some very memorable events.  We can make even the darkest reception halls work to make beautiful photos.  

The Ending Photos

After about 20 minutes into open dance and we've capture you and your guests dancing, we will ask if there are any additional photos you would like to capture before we take off.  This is our opportunity to take some night time shots or just anything else that we couldn't get to during the day.