New years eve was a little more special this year. We were fortunate enough to capture and celebrate the wedding of Brittany and Tyler Sheehan. The morning was a breeze. The couple chose to do a first look, allowing for a beautiful private and intimate moment for them. Their families were all eager to be there to help with anything and everything so we were able to get a lot of family photos finished quickly. After a beautiful ceremony we traveled off location with the bride and groom and their entourage to do some more photos. Thanks to their planning we had more than enough time to take all the photos that they could possibly want without having to rush. They were able to have time to have fun with their bridal party which really showed in their photos. Our last photo stop was at the globe located in downtown Effingham. We took the traditional globe photo and then got a little creative with it. Once at the reception we walked into a room that had been completely transformed. Filled with colors of black and red, it was stunning. The couple shared lots of fun dances with each other, family. And friends. A little later on in the night all the groomsmen gathered on the dance floor to do a bag dance. This is where everyone puts a brown paper bag onto their heads and dances. Once all the groomsmen were ready to go and the music started they all pulled theirs off and played a funny joke on the best man. Despite his bag falling off numerous times, he was too committed to realize no one else had theirs on. Tyler and Brittany's wedding was so beautiful and fun. Thank you for trusting us to capture these special memories for years to come. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sheehan!