A couple weeks ago Kelley and I got to travel to Morrisonville, IL for a wedding.  It was a tiny little town that I'm not sure I have ever been through before, but had some great oppertunities for photos.  Krissie and David were amazing to work with.  We didn't even have to pose them for several of the shots.  Their happiness & love together made every photo truly beautiful.  We stopped by some old buildings in the little town and got some fun shots with the bridal party, then headed to a lumber barn to finish up our wedding photo session.  The bridal party seemed to enjoy the photos as well and were so much fun to work with as well.  We finished the day up at the Knight of Columbus where there were some really great stories shared and lots of dancing.  We are really excited to hear about their honeymoon since we were thinking of having our wedding the same place they were heading.  Congratulations Krissie and David!  We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!