Grewell Wedding 5D 649.jpg

After working with Jarrett and Abby during their engagement shoot we new we would have a blast working with them during their wedding. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Austin Mansion. Abby definitely is not a stranger to the Austin Mansion since she works for Walnut Street Weddings, the owner of the property. With a lot of will power Abby was able to step back from her typical duties at the Austin Mansion and let Billi and her team transform the front lawn. We had learned from their engagement shoot that bow hunting held a special place in their relationship, so it was only fitting for their unity ceremony to be shooting their bows into balloons filled with paint to show the blending of their two lives on canvas. After the ceremony we traveled to the Firefly Grill to take some fun shots with bridal party and capture the love shared between the happy couple. To add to the excitement of the day when getting the reception tent opened up a group of baby bunnies started popping out of the ground. Two of the bunnies were nice enough to pose with the rings for a couple ring shots!! Now how often to you get the opportunity to place rings like little crowns on a couple of baby bunnies?!? At the start of the reception we went straight into the cutting of the cake. It was beautifully decorated and upon admiring we came to learn that Jarrett had not only made the cake but also decorated it himself, ombre style at that!! With wonderful family and friends to support their union they celebrated, toasted, and danced the night away!!! Congratulations Jarrett and Abby Grewell!!!