Hi, thanks for checking out my page.  My name is Bryan Gaddis and I started Gaddis Graphics back in 2012.  Originally, I started with only design work as that is what I went to school for.  After buying a camera for graphic design work I quickly became obsessed with working with photo and video.  I spent all day every day learning all the technical side of photography and video.  Since I was 12 I started working on video as my biggest hobby.  I'd spend days editing things just to learn how to use the software.  I had no idea all of my time spent doing my favorite hobby would end up being my career.  It's incredible to get to do work you love to do every day.  I couldn't be more thankful for all of my clients who give me the opportunity to stay in business.

My fiancee, Kelley, shoots most of my sessions with me.  I met Kelley just about a year after I started my business and she quickly learned that if she wanted to spend time with me on the weekends she was going to have to be out working with me.  Kelley and I live in Shelbyville together in a little house with our dog, Alana.  She's a Siberian husky and consumes most of our time.  Outside of playing with our dog, Kelley and I both love to travel.  We've gotten to travel a little bit for work and we try to take one or two trips a year if at all possible.  

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