Where do you start when telling the big day of a beautiful couple's love story, that was filled with great family and friends, and on one of the most beautiful days so far this year? Well to start, we began the day at Kelsey's grandmother's house. The house was filled with laughter and excitement for the big day, despite the fact that Kelsey's grandmother who had passed not to long before couldn't be there. She was there in spirit however because Kelsey's prayers to her grandmother of no rain on her wedding day were answered. She provided the perfect day for Kelsey and Nick. We spent the morning there getting great shots of the bride getting ready, her mom helping her get her wedding dress just right, and on top of it we even got to see their baby cow (who doesn't love baby cows?!)! From here we traveled to the Lincoln Log Cabins. We had not shot at this location before with just makes it all that much more exciting!! As people started to gather for the ceremony the found seats in a beautiful grassy area on top of some old and special family quilts.  We ventured around the area finding cute bridges, rustic barns, and plenty more gorgeous areas to take photos of the newly weds. And of course since the day was perfect so was the lighting! Nick and Kelsey had planned the most beautiful and perfect day from start to finish. Unfortunately for them they were tasked with heading straight to the airport from the reception to get to their honeymoon destination, but I'm sure they enjoyed it all nonetheless. Congratulations to a beautiful couple and thank you both for allowing us to capture all the fun and wonderful memories of your big day. We hope you enjoy reliving all the moments from this day throughout the years to come!